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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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will never know their mother after she was gunned down in the car right in front of them. now, family and friends are left heart broken. a developing story that we are following for you since it broke last nightin orville. the shooter confessed. and he is now locked down. >> first off, the babies in that car are okay? >> reporter: well, lee, police are telling me tonight that, fortunately, those identical twin girls were not injured in the hail of gunfire. the 24-year-old victim, just 24 years old, once attended this school, medina career center. >> it's scary.
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seanded -- saddened by the loss of her friend. >> she's caring, happy, always looking to help other people when she is the one who needed the help. >> emily was shot several times inside the silver kia and died in the hospital. moments earlier, emily was talking to her estranged husband, la reese woods when, suddenly, he opened fire with a nine mill mitter handgun. a 17-year-old girl in the front seat described as a friend of hurt. another one of emily's friends talked about the tragic loss but didn't want to show her face. >> she was incredible mother, an incredible friend. kids. she put every ounce of passion, energy into her kids. >> reporter: that friend told me that emily once worked as a seniors. the news that the young mother is gone so suddenly is hard to
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>> it was so unexpected. i heard and i didn't know what to believe. i didn't think it was real. >> police told me woods turned herself in, 17 minutes after the murder. the bond was set at a million dollars while friends continue to ask why. she will. >> reporter: emily leaves behind a two yearly daughter also. a gofundme account has been established to help out the family. we learned from friends that emily was trying to get a divorce from woods and she had actually filed a civil october. tonight at 6:00, derek waller investigates what went wrong. live in medina, bob jones, news channel 5 and police arrested a man wanted for murder in akron. they say willie hicks shot lentrick caldwell in the chest. caldwell did not survival hicks escaped before police arrived and was caught late this afternoon in cleveland.
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arrested in akron last night. the karaoke d.j. at the bar beat the man to death at the zodiac bar. forest ryan was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. turned himself in another round of layoffs coming to a lorain steel plant. >> one day after republic announced that roughly 200 workers would be without work, we learned that others will be out work. john kosich is live in lorain. >> reporter: the community dealing with this one-two blow, coming from one high-profile employers. >> the rain reflected the mood here as the first round of layoffs will impact about 500 workers. >> last year was the most
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>> united steel work hes membership already dropped from 1250 to 900 to now this. >> republic idled their operations and nearly 3300 at u.s. steel. they plan add three-week shutdown in march with the prospects not looking good. going to depend on orders and they have to have so many orders in order to run the furnace. >> reporter: believe it or not, gas at 1.79 a gallon is reflective of the problem. back when oil was at $3, u.s. steel was expanding. and even though china could produce the steel cheaper, transportation costs made it more expensive. and now that the oil prices low, the advantage disappeared. and there is also a large
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>> there is no drilling, rigging and fracking not being done so that affects the steel workers that produce that pipe, tubular pipe. side. the republic site, they market you a -- automotive and they are facing stiff competition. after nearly two decades as a cleveland counsel sinman, joe counsel. that resignation will be in march. now, on at 5:00, a canton fire battalion chief says he is citizens after plan to shut down three fire stations in the city. danita harris is following the latest details for us. >> frank, these stations are slated to shut down because of budget constraints and the fire
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they might not stop at three. the stations being closed at station 5, station 6 and station 10 on vernon avenue. but we've learned that station 2 on bellvin avenue may also have to close because there simply is not enough money. the firefighters working in those stations will be moved to other stations. but this does not stop at firefighters. that will also affect paramedics. mark, gray skies, a lot of rain. gray skies are going to clear up it's friday. i'll stop singing. yes, indeed, we have rain showers. but the main band of moderate to light steady rain, we had for a couple of hours now pushing east of cleveland, north and east of cleveland. ashtabula, bristolville into lake and geauga counties and back to the south and west. some isolated rain activities.
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drier weather through the evening and the overnight. there will still be a couple of showers but there won't be that steady long time rain that afternoon. 40 mansfield. 35 currently in ashtabula with overnight tonight. down. clicks. 39s, 6:00 p.m. with scattered showers. despite 10:00 p.m., we've gone all right. going to be a warm saturday but then turn it around. we are tracking snow to end the >> thank you, mark to a developing story out of philadelphia where a police officer is recovering right now his patrol car. >> the gunman claimed to be inspired by isis and the attack was caught on surveillance camera. chris flanagan is live with new
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>> the officer will be okay. broken arm. officer jessie hart net was sitting in his car when edwin archer fired a dozen shots. these surveillance images show archer approaching the driver's side window firing his gun. >> the suspect in question is a 30-year-old man from yaden, with a philadelphia address as well, i believe. he has confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of islam. according to him, he believed that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. >> despites being seriously wounded, that police officer got out of the car, chased the gunman, returned fire, hitting him before the gunman was tackled by other cops. the fbi is now assisting philadelphia police in
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the gunman had been communicating with isis operative or looking online to propaganda. that shooting in philly comes as two suspects were arrested in -- in california and in houston. one fought with isis terrorists in syria and the other supported isis. today, america's top tech companies are meeting with top officials from the obama administration to talk about tackling terror. the meeting will cover how terrorists use social media to recruit attackers. apple, facebook and twitter will all invited as well as google, microsoft and linkedin. they'll talk about identifying recruiting messages and making its tougher ton terrorists.
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they'll ever get their stuffed deer head, coyote carcasses from the now defunct taxidermist. see what passengers say caused one woman to flip out mid-air. and a drug lord on the run after a dramatic prison escape is now captured. where police found el chapo. tomorrow's powerball jackpot is now up $20,800,000,000. but the 20800 -- $800,000 but
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it's time now for another stop along the mile high. next time you get on an airplane, you can think of a lot of pipe ear who is paved the way for you with with a their adventures in the sky. >> they'll put you in the pilot seat and a lot of different aircrafts. leon, take it up and away. >> in all the world, it is the only place like it. it looks at a special section of our aviation history. and this cleave plant place where the accident accent is on women, the sky is the limit.
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of the sky. whether we fly ourselves or watch others who do so, sometimes, surprise comes upon us as we learn of those who have gone on before. the flight minded look to the sky. >> when i see these women, astronauts and cosmonauts, i'm in kind of awe of how many women have been in space. >> the international women's air and space museum in cleveland's chronicled history and present day contributions of women in aviation and space, whether they flew the delirious burning blue of the sky or labor on the ground, these women were pioneers. >> women are in pilot, astronauts, air controllers.
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>> reporter: the director of the international women's air and space museum, in the wing of the burke lakefront airport. imagination abounds here for the young, who might find something that would help them catch a piece the sky. >> they learned about amelia earhardt who they didn't know. >> ameliaer hard was a pioneer who flew but disappeared. >> to hold her memorabilia in my hands, that's awesome >> reporter: who highlight the women who knew or know the sky or work in space technology.
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teacher from the school district and took time off from teaching to go fly. >> millions of years ago, when our ancestral man first looked to the birds in the sky and dreamed of flight, there was probably a woman right next to him who had the same desireto fly. this museum is dedicated to those women pioneers who look to the sky and went out and found it. no item is too unmentionable. if it's also pioneering or space story, even unmentionable. >> that's what she wore under her dress. >> these are bloomers? yes. >> can't get any more mentionable. >> her underwear is right here. >> early days, when pilots had few navigational aid and flying was on a pilot's intuition,
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>> i can just envision myself on a space mission coming through a nasa space control console. like the one you are watching. i would say, from deep space, leon bibs coming to you. if only i could get there. these women did get there. the space stories are told at the international women's air and space museum. there is something more here. >> just how they can inspire young children today to see what they can do, having two young daughters, that was great. that was sup a fun surprise to find somewhere that really honored just girls in particular. >> along with men, women have also eyed the skies,longing for contraptions which could fly. cleveland's burke airport dotted overhead and on the ground with flying machines are
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helped pioneer flying. >> the international women's air and space museum opens 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night every day. gift shop is open 9:00 to 5:00, monday through friday. it will take you to the skies. bibb. >> another hidden gem in northeast ohio. >> all right. >> what do you want to know? >> you want to know about the rain? >> going to be a miserable weekend. we'll experience a few seasons. which one do you wants? >> summer. >> except that one? >> how about spring? tomorrow, you are in the 50s. and then we'll bring back winter. let's take a look at what's going on outside. this is what lee jordan was referring to look at that murky sky out there, low clouds, a few lingering showers and just kind of a gray late afternoon
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northern ohio. wet roadways for all travelers headed out and about. the main area of rain coming, pushing to the north and east of cleveland now. there it is, yellow areas indicating brief to moderate bursts. now we are beginning to dry it out. for the rest of the evening, isolated showers here and there for all of northern ohio. now, the flow is coming in from the south already and i can actually draw a warm front for you. watch my pen manship here. here is the warm front, right there. that warm front will continue to move north and eastward and that's going to set the stage for our warm saturday. but back here, we have much chillier air that will ride in quickly behind another front. that's going to come through sunday morning. so enjoy saturday if you like the warmth. if you like some snow, i think you will get a taste of it. everyone should see some snow sunday afternoon. at least a little bit.
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30 akron and canton. 41 for ashland. 37 currently in mentor. this evening, tells will fall back a little bit. 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, upper 30s then we begin to rise as that warm front moves our way with isolated showers to about midnight. came to the canton area. we have a few widely scattered showers lingering. you'll need your umbrella. let me show you the hour-by- hour forecast here. rainfall, notice the main area of rain is skedaddling to the north and east the isolated showers and as we take you through the sunrise hours tomorrow, here you have it, by 6:00, 7:00 a.m., widely scattered rain showers continuing so we totally can't get rid of the rain, even through the morning or afternoon hours. tomorrow, mostly dry. a couple of spot sprinkles and isolated showers. mild day tomorrow.
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>> 48. i think we're going to be up into the lower 50s by mid- afternoon tomorrow with isolated showers and cloudy 38 tonight. scattered rain. widely scattered. not going to be that steady rain for a couple of hours like we have been seeing. widely scattered showers here you'll have several hours of dry weather. tomorrow, look at this. lower 50s. clouds with an isolated rain shower in the morning, better chance of rain tomorrow night. >> lowest tonight, near 38 for akron, canton and then tomorrow, let's do about 52 for akron, canton. here is the sunday high of 52 and falling tells, rain showers coming in. sunday morning, changing to snow. back with more on live at 5:00
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all new at 5:00, a bizarre form of psychological warfare. >> giant speakers from south korea pointed towards north korea blasting pop music. >> and we mean blasting. that is one of the several songs the south is serenading the north with. it works in parts because north koreans are forbidden to listen to k pop. they company only tune to government radio and tv. >> the most dangerous virus that could destroy north korean regime or the foundation, iet nothing call, foundation is the truth about north korea, recruit from the outside world. >> some defectors say that hearing the k pop helped them decide to escape.
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on this week after the north claimed it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. that blame has not yet been verified. >> and there were massive celebrations of the alleged successful hydrogen bomb which is also the north korean leader, kim jung un. any time leaders wants to emphasize important policies or events, celebrations happen. next after finally unveiling his plan, the president answers questions from supporters and answers concerns if his opponents. and some people are dead set on getting their money's worth after a tax dermis closes
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison
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a mother was shot to death inside her car in front of her twin six months old. police say that emily young was shot. the twins were not hurt when maurice woods allegedly sprayed bullets. and u.s. steel mill will lay off some workers coming on the heel of republic's decision to end. we traced that shutdown to the gas being so low. three canton fire stations will set to fall. they are down 25 paramedics and firefighters and there is not enough manpower.
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up closing in canton. mark, can you turn it up to about ooh this weekend? >> how about tomorrow? how about lower 50s. but if you are going on about tonight, we have a little chill in the air. first of all, let's check out rain showers, main area of rain pulling north and east of the area leaving just some isolated sprinkles and light showers behind it for your evening plans. or events. all right. we'll show you the cloud cover and a wider view. again, this is the warm front. the actual warm front is right about here. that will continue to move north and east. so temps tonight, well, let's show you where they are right now. these are close to what the lows are going to be. generally upper 30s, a couple of mid-30s out there. especially after midnight, once that warm front comes in, temps will rise 40, 41, 42, a few isolated showers. by the time you wake up and go
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nice, mild saturday but a big turn around for your sunday. you want some snow? we've got it this weekend. find out when, coming up. a lot of people in northeast ohio are feeling stuffed with anger after they say a taxidermist made off with their cash and animals. that's the story you will only see here. >> we are concerned. we didn't hear from him for quite some time. >> heather who didn't want to use her last name told me that her husband shots her coyote in 2013 and took her to a taxidermist. the owner was seen here. heather's husband has a skin in the game, to the tune of a 300- dollar deposit. >> there was no response and out of the blue, we got a letter from him. >> reporter: of a months of hearing nothing, the strange handwritten letter saying that, for health reasons, the business closed.
5:28 pm
at some point but -- >> it's at an undisclosed contact. >> 10 to 15 complaints came into the station about the taxidermist, some even taking to social media, mounting efforts to get more info. i found several people on facebook wondering where are their deer head, walleyed deposit? i found the secretary of state sent a letter to the miller taxidermy to renew the license and then sent this cancellation by operation of law. >> that's what was fraws trading. how are we supposed to know what's going on? >> reporter: sheffield police took a shot and forwarded the complaints to the prosecutor bit was determined that awful issues are civil matter, not criminal. after being pelted with dead ends, heather just wants what is rightly hers. >> we just wants the coyote back.
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we would like the coyote preferably because that's our husband. a man who police say stole a dog from a hunting valley yard turned himself in. the dog was adopted days after a husband died in a car crash. and then the dog disappeared from the yard. someone tipped police that the man had the dog. trespassing. and new information about a series of smash and grabs that targeted atms. we showed you this video of the damage earlier this week after a van drove through the rite aid on east 52nd street. officers were able to arrest three men and investigators told news charge 5 they think those men are connected with several other smash and grabs. we knew it was going to happen. today it did.
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legislation designed to repeal obama care and cut funding to planned parenthood. the senate passed the bill last year and the house followed suit just days ago, one of several republican atomes repeal the 2010 law. days after president obama announced executive action to redudes gun violence, he took his pitch on the road. he atook place a town meeting. he answered tough questions from both critics and supporters. he says that his policies make sense but it's been overly politicized. not everyone agrees including the widow of american shiner chris kyle. >> crime is always going to be with us. so i think it's always important for us not to suggest that if we can't solve every crime, we should not try to solve any crimes.
5:31 pm
position expanding background checks for gun buyers and narrowing the so-called gun show loophole which leaves most small and private sellers exempt from keeping those sales records. and a new cnn poll found the majority of americans support the measures in the exec give action but less than half believe it will do anything to cut down on gun violence frank, lee? [ screams ] >> first came those screams and then came the claws. still ahead, passengers recount the wild flight where they say one woman started scratching a flight attendant's face. and big question today. do you have what it takes to win? after 18 drawings with no winner, millions of americans are hoping they're about to become multi millionaires from the record powerball jackpot. here is a look at some other winning jack pots. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents
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at regular menu price. better ingredients. x better pizza. better football.
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let's get you in the mood. my world of weather is all about you and what you are sending me. here is ronald from facebook. the birds flying, the bridge and the beautiful shades of orange and blues from the sunset. chuck from earlier this week, again, look at the interesting ice formations on the individual blades of grass. a great photo there how the ice has capped each blade of grass. a closeup shop. love it there. and again, riddle 66. look at the beautiful sunrise over our fair city. incredible pictures from you i love seeing them. first of all, mark johnsonwews -- sorry. markj weather on twitter.
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maybe you will be in my world
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i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever.
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a wild passenger forces a pilot to make an emergency landing and a lot of the wild scene was caught on camera check this out. [ screams ] >> police today are questioning the woman after her alleged airline outburst.
5:37 pm
flight with 43 passengers and four crew members that took off from la guardia. before the plane reached its destination in chicago, the woman asked to be let off. when the flight attendant said no. >> she was going crazy and attacked her and started scratching her face up and ripped her necklace off. >> can you imagine? when the passenger started attacking a second person, three others on that plane stepped in to put an end to that violence. put her on the ground, subdued her by tying her with some seat belts and one passenger used his neck tie. >> the plane landed in detroit where police was waiting. pan ya sonic had a 13-inch flat screen on the back of airline seats.
5:38 pm
cell phone and charge it. it is already used in the economy class section of 'em rat airlines u.s. stocks ended their worst week since 2011. 401(k)s have take an huge hit. we have to look overseas to look at the reason investors economy. despite that grim news, new employment suggest that the u.s. is growing solidly. employees added 225,000 job. and 2015 was a very strong year overall. more than a half million jobs were added, the second best year for job gains since 1999. and americans saw their paychecks grow in 2015. wages were up 2 1/2% in december. speaking of paycheck, right now, you can think of about 800 million ways you can spend the powerball jackpot.
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the nation in a frenzy. we saw plenty of people lined up to buy them. the real question, feeling lucky? here is marci gonzalez. >> there is your winner. >> powerball fever is sweeping the nation. >> i got the win can ticket right here. >> now to the biggest jackpot of, more than $800 million and counting. >> i look forward to it growing some more today. we'll see. >> look at the massive line in prim, nevada. >> well worth the wait. >> everybody has a dream. >> next? >> millions are hoping to cash in the winning ticket after 18 drawings were no jackpot. >> we are at levels we've never seen before. the reason, the odds of winning are now larger, too. you still need to match five white balls and one red ball. in october, it became more october when the number of light balls went up from 59 to 69 and the number of red balls
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increasing the odds of winning from one in 175 million to one in 292 million. most know how they spend the money immediately. >> you put a million and a half, give away the rest. >> i'll going to fake care of all of our veterans. >> tickets are selling out quickly. they are on the verge of creating the first ever lottery bill mayor. >> wow. >> better play. >> i know. i know. we were just talking earlier how buying a ticket just gives you the chance to dream about what you would do with it: whatever that's worth to you. >> if mark wins, how is he going to show up at work? >> i'm going to share. >> you are going to share? >> you get a million, everybody gets a mall. >> you guys are hearing this. >> you all get quarter pounder with cheese and fries. >> everybody. >> let's talk about what's going on outside.
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there is rain on the lens, frank. a little wet. we have some wetness on the roadway. drive with care. going on too fast, you hit on the brakes and you see what happens. you start to slide. rain showers beginning to let up a little bit. warm frontal rain pushing to the north and east of cleveland, just a few isolated showers lingering behind it. here we go. main area of rain over to coraledland and lords town, sharpsville, pa, towards ashtabula and pushing north and east. behind it, look at this. you see any rain here? not much going on back here. so we'll just mention an isolated sprinkle or an isolated rain shower for the rest of the evening. even overnight tonight, the threat for rain is only about 30 or 40%. so, not a steady rain, just hit and miss showers. more than miss part.
5:42 pm
mentor. 37 revetta. notice, we are up to 40 in mansfield, 41 nor walk, fremont and ashland. 43 in millersburg and the trend is actually going to be for tells to warm up. watch wooster. 38. at 7:15. akron at 42. watch the tells. loops. temps. look at this. warm front is here. that pushes in tonight. this is phase 1. that brought us the rain showers and what's that's going to do to your saturday is bring us nice little warm up. phase 2 is right here and that storm system arrives on sunday, starting off as rain and bringing in some colder air for sunday afternoon that will change the rain to at least a little bit of light snow for you. let's show it to you again hour by hour. saturday at 8:45. we are in the 40s and we are dry. there is the rain from storm
5:43 pm
sunday as you get up and ready for church or breakfast. wrapping the cold air. boom, there you are. early afternoon, scattered snow showers, generally an inch or less of snow during the day, afternoon on sunday. a few spots could get a little bit more than that in the higher ground east of cleveland. 38 tonight. scattered showers, warmer, temps warming up into the mid- 40s. tomorrow, let's do 53 degrees receive. frank wanted 50s, boom, he has scattered showers. cloudy. tomorrow, 52, isolated showers. breaking news out of los angeles where a terminal at l.a.x. is being evacuated as we speak. according to kabc, the airport
5:44 pm
threat so police are clearing out the terminal right now. of course, we're going to keep available. 6:00. a cleveland councilman is stepping it down. we sat down with him to talk about the life of service and a test to pre detect the gender of your baby. why many moms are seeing more red and blue or pink. and a notorious drug lord is on the run no more after escaping a mexican prison.
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the forecast is in. "a chance of snow." and for those of us who love winter, these words mean so much more. they mean a chance to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave the world behind. it's our chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan. your snow day begins at new developments now on 5. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo has been captured. you may have recognized that name from what el chapo
5:46 pm
prison cell seven months ago. >> joaquin el chapo guzman captured. these are images after his arrest and here are video of the man captured by the mexican marines. mexico's president tweeted in spanish, michigan accomplished. we have him. el chapo, one of the biggest and most dangerous drug lords in the world has been on the run for seven months. his daring escape from this maximum security prison near mexico sitsy sparked an international manhunt and a massive investigation. over the summer, abc news was under ground and inside the one- mile tunnel el chapo used to travel from his prison cell to a house. the escape route well lit, ventilated, custom built to his height. there was even a modified motorcycle to help carve the passage way. he had the resources and wide reach.
5:47 pm
trafficking operations is responsible for half the illegal drugs that enter the u.s. each year. >> it is a very big deal that they were able to pull this off, particularly when thank you consider all the potential resources that el chapo had at his dispoe salt. >> it was his second escape. so the work begins to make sure that he stays behind bars. at one point, the dea wanted him here because he has been charged with several crimes in the u.s. with but there is no word if he will be extradited. a young mother shot and killed in front of her young children. >> police say that's a tragic end to the end of a rocky relationship with he is estranged husband. we are digging into the past and uncovering a long history of problems. and brand new details about tim mcginty and how it could be
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what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison
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